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History of St. Rose of Lima Parish

The original church dates back to 1884, (before which Sunday Mass was held in the little community hall known as Rafters) when we were a Mission administered out of Enfield. In November of the year 1951 it was decided that Windsor Junction required the services of a priest on a full time basis and the districts of Waverley, Fall River, and Windsor Junction became a parish with a priest in residence in the village.

An addition was made to the rear of the church in 1955 to allow for a modern heating system as well as much needed space in the Sanctuary. At some unknown time the bell tower was removed, due to rot, and the smaller steeple attached. In 1954 a modern but modest Glebe house was erected next to the church and a heartwarming open house was held when Rev. J. H. Mitchell took up residence in the new building. In 1965 the Parish purchased and renovated the old Bambrick’s community hall which proved a very useful addition to an ever growing and very busy Parish.

The 30th Anniversary of the Parish was held Nov. 7, 1981 with Archbishop James M. Hayes, as the Principal Celebrant. As part of these celebrations, the old hall was reopened with the name Mitchell Hall.

As our faith community continued to expand, it was decided that a new and larger facility was required. As there was not enough land available in Windsor Junction, we purchased eight acres in Fall River from Olive and Clifford Bowers who were long time members of the Parish. The sod turning for the new church building took place on June 11, 1989; the first Mass on the site was held on August 23, 1989 with Msgr. William Wamboldt, as Celebrant; the dedication of our New Spiritual Home was Sunday, June 17, 1990 with Archbishop James M. Hayes the Principal Celebrant. The new Mitchell Hall was built in 1992. In 2000, we received a very large bequest from the Estate of the Houlihan Family, of Windsor Junction, which was applied to our parish debt.

The Priests who served us as a Mission were Rev,. O’Connor beginning in 1884, Rev. Desmond, and then Rev. W. E. Young who left in 1905. Rt. Rev. M. K. Kinsella from 1905-1917, Rev. Thomas E. Sweet 1917-1934, Rev. W. J. Brown 1934-1937 and Rev. J. J. Devine 1937-1951. As a parish we were served by Rev. J. H. Mitchell, 1951-1963, Rev. Jeremiah Mackey 1963-1966, Rev. Henry J. Neary 1966-1969, Rev. Gordon Hayes 1969-1971, Rev. Thomas Purcell 1971-1974, Rev. Msgr. Fredrick Melanson 1975-1981, Rev. Msgr. William Wamboldt 1981-1995, Rev. Raymond Mura 1995-2001, Rev. James Rent 2001-2005, and The Very Rev. Duncan MacMaster has been our pastor since 2005. 


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